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Looking Through My Telescope At Another Telescope (Infinite Telescope Loop)
Dunamaise Theatre, Portlaoise
December 2021

The show opens with a monologue from a man drinking alone in the moon saloon, having sold all his belongings to buy a brand new telescope to look back down to earth. Looking through his telescope, his heart jumps, he sees another telescope!
Taking inspiration from the show's themes of loneliness, hopefulness and the cyclic nature of the world, and also its imagery of the celestial and supernatural, I created four collages that were projected onto the stage throughout the performance.
Written and performed by Jimmy Kavanagh and Sam Killian, with Cian Malin on piano, direction and set design by Sinead Dunne and produced by Vincent O'Shea. Original production developed by Emma Finegan, produced by Kevin Kavangh and inspired by the art of Ulrich Vogl. Supported by the Laois Local Live scheme. Funded by the Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media.  

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